keskiviikko 6. elokuuta 2008

LASH in action

I took a minute to install xvidcap and make a recording of LASH in action. Xvidcap is a nice program although it seems to be prone to crashes and also has some other bugs, as you can see from the video.

The following clip shows how one can interface with LASH using various means such as command-line tools (lash_control), GUI applications (patchage), and even via generic D-Bus service browsers (qdbusviewer).

Also included in the clip is a demonstration of LASH's client auto-recovery feature. This means that a crashed client can be manually restarted and LASH will automatically attach it to the project it was originally part of. (In the future LASH will also be capable of restarting crashed clients all by itself.)

Here's the clip (9.9 MB, MPEG-4), stay tuned for more!