perjantai 25. heinäkuuta 2008

Protocol overhaul is complete!

I'm a lazy blogger. Writing emails, blogs, etc. has always been my weak side. I hope it won't bite me in the ass when Summercode gets wrapped up, but then again you get what you order.

On a lighter note, new code has been steadily appearing in my liblash working branch, and I've just merged the changes back to the main LASH working branch [0]. This means that LASH now uses D-Bus for all client-server communication, as well as offering a public D-Bus control interface and doing its business with JACK using JACK's D-Bus interface!

This marks the beginning of the final phase of my work. Next week will be all about hunting bugs, and cleaning and tightening the new codebase. After that we should shortly see the new API reach RFC stage, with a cool new feature or two.

Here's something to satisfy those who yearn to see visible progress. The screenshot below is Dave Robillard's wonderful Patchage, fitted to utilize the in-development LASH D-Bus interface:

(Sorry about the difficult to make out text in the menu, it's because of my KDE color theme.)

[0] Somehow I managed to not include the sub-branch change history, even though I followed svnbook to the letter. I'll see if I can find a way to mend this next week.

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